Let us take a brief moment to thank God for his care in watching over us. I have been blessed having a Christian home and five children since returning from Korea. It is hoped those who visit here will sense Pride in God, Country & Corps

TOP: Ribbons & Medals - Good Conduct w/1 silver service star for 6th award; WWII Victory; National Defense w/1 bronze service star for 2nd award; Korean Service w/1 silver service star for 5 Engagements; United Nations; ROK War Service.

BOTTOM: Ribbons - Combat Action Ribbon; Presidental Unit Citation w/3 bronze service star for 4th award; Korean Presidential Unit Citation.


Record of Service

Sworn into the United States Marines on 20Dec1946. To Marine Corps Depot, San Diego for recruit training. Graduated from recruit training and assigned to Field Telephone Course #24 graduating 20June1947, promoted to PFC. Assigned to Communications, Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, NC. Promoted to Corporal in 1948. Performed duties as Telephone Installer-Repairman until June 1949. Assigned to Marine Corps Institute as instructor, Air Pilot*s Course. Promoted to Sergeant in September 1949. Reenlisted on 20Dec1949 and assigned to security at the U. S. Naval Ammunition Depot, McAlester, Oklahoma. June 1950 was assigned to 1stBn5thMar1stProvMarBrig, embarking in July 1950 for Korea. Arrived Pusan, Korea 2Aug50 and leaving Korea 21Jun51. ENGAGEMENTS: Combat operations against North Korean Forces, 3Aug50 to 6Sep50; Assault & Seizure of Inchon, Korea, 15Sep50 to 16Sep50;Capture & Seizure of Seoul, Korea, 17Sep50 to 7Oct 50; Wonsan-Hungnam-Chosin Campaign 29Oct50 to 12Dec50;Operations against enemy forces in South and Central Korea 12Dec50 to 10Jun51. Returned to the States July 1951 and promoted to SSgt., assigned to Naval Communication Station, Washington, DC. In March 1952 to Recruiters School, Parris Island, SC. Then assigned to Recruiting Duty in the San Mateo and Stockton, CA sub-stations. Promoted to T/Sgt. Mar52. In Summer of 1953 assigned to lstBn3rdMar3MarDiv in Japan. In 1954 assigned to 6thMar2ndMarDiv, Camp Lejeune, NC. December 1955 assigned to Recruiting Duty, Traverse City, MI. December 1958 to Communications Chief's School, San Diego, CA. Promoted GySgt. July 1959 assigned to 2ndBn6thMar2MarDiv, Camp Lejeune, NC. Sept 1961 assigned to 1stEngBn3rdMarDiv, Okinawa. Sept 1962 assigned to I & I Staff Marine Corps Reserve Center, Rochester, NY. Selected for MSgt(not accepted due to 2 year requirement, Retirement plans made) July 1, 1966 retired after 20 years of active duty.


Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my life and service to my country, and for travelling back with me. ~~~~gene






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