One of the Greatest Generation


Myrl Dixon, after completing "Boot Camp" at San Diego, CA. in 1943. Later he joined the 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division. Later promoted to Corporal Participated in the Guam and Iwo Jima Campaigns. Returned to the United States and was discharged in December 1945. Even though his life in the Marine Corps was for only around two years, I feel he was the "Real Marine" in the family. He was part of the real down to earth Marine Corps, "The Fire Team". It is here that the real combat takes place. It is the Fire Team level that has to close with the enemy and look him in the eye and do "real" business. I will always look to him not only as my big brother, but one that I could look to as the example.

Myrl returned home in 1945, married the former Naomi Herrell, and having three children(one boy and two girls). Naomi was tragically killed in an automobile accident in October 1997.

Shortly after Naomi's tragic death, Myrl was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. After several years suffering from Alzheimer's , Myrl passed away on Christmas Day, December 25, 2003. He will be missed by his family and all of those that knew him. I personally will always remember him as a Marine who served his country with honor, raised his family with dignity, and as one I shall always look up to as a roll model.









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