The First Provisional Marine Brigade arrived at Pusan, South Korea, August 2, 1950. I was a Sergeant and was with 1st Bn 5th Marines until June 1951, when I would be rotated back to the USA.The Brigade was immediately put into action along the Pusan Perimeter. The Brigade was merged back into the First Marine Division, and on September 15, 1950 the Division would land at Inchon and proceed to take Seoul. Then on to North Korea and the Chosin. After Chosin would come the Guerrilla Hunt, Operation Killer and Operation Ripper.

Left to Right: Lt Col George R Newton, Bn CO; Major John Russell, Weapons Company CO; Capt John Stevens, Able Company CO; Capt Ike Fenton, Baker Company CO(Capt J L Tobin had been wounded and evacuated, Capt Fenton became CO); Capt Walter Godenius, H & S Company CO. This first year was filled with combat operations throughout North and South Korea. The Marine Corps was put to the test and they performed in a way that was a credit to the Nation and to the Marine Corps. Their performance was realized because of the excellent leadership in the Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers. The value of this leadership and the experience of a few WWII veterans paid off in the months ahead. Photo on the left is of the Commanders of the First Battalion Fifth Marines...For photo of 5th Marines Officers,CLICK HERE

Webmaster note: As a result of the actions taken by the United Nations, including the United States by going to the aid of a defensless South Korea. That little nation now stands as a free nation and has survived that terrible time in history and has become one of the most productive nations in the world. Marines today look back at the Korea of yesterday and take great pride in their part during the Korean War.










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