This is the greatest country in the world and this flag represents my country~~~~Many have died to keep it free~~~~ PLEASE SHOW PROPER RESPECT WHEN YOU SEE IT!!!!.....gene


There are those in the world that would like to see this flag fade away forever. There are also those in this country that would like to remove it from our way of life. They burn it, they trample on it and desecrate it in many other ways. They call it "Freedom of Speech". To those that have this attitude, I would remind them that in some countries they would be "done away with" in short order. Their "Freedom of Speech" would be over!
For all those brave patriots that have paid the price to keep our country free and our flag waving, I say THANKS.

A tear of pride falls down my cheek when I recall the battles of the past but within memory of many of us today: The many battles of WWII; The Korean Conflict, Pusan Perimeter, Naktong, Inchon, and of course the Chosin. In more recent memory: Vietnam, lst Gulf War, War on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, today. These are but a few, there are other skirmishes that bear remembering. In all of these, our brave men, and now our brave women answered their country's call and fought for our country and yes for our FLAG. Yes, the FLAG for them is precious and something to be respected, and I know it hurts each one of them when they see our national flag desecrated in anyway in the name of "Freedom of Speech".

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